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Our Story Begins

Like every success story, ours too had a humble beginning Humble in the sense that we had a small office and few staff, but our ideas were alwaysmagnificent. The ability to think outside the box and approach each and every assignment with renewed vigour made us one of the most sought after names in interior design in Kerala since we kick started our millennium venture. All these years we strived to make your dreams come alive in the way you imagined. We tried to add our own extra to what you demanded from us and we still continue to be at the helm of affairs when you think of perfect interiors for your dream abodes.

Our Mission

Our Goals

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Behind The Scenes

When La Venture takes up a fresh assignment, the first thing we do is to alert the artisans in our factory to make themselves ready for the battle. Relentless hard work amply supported by the most modern machines in our factory make them the  most fearsome warriors when it comes to creating perfect interior accessories & designs. Machines thạt could etch your dreams in yoür interiors, they could leave a mark that gives a silent testimony to those who visit your home about your passion, your interests and tastes you cherish. Perfection is the key word that keeps La Venture surge ahead of the competitors to become the most sought after interior design company when it comes to exclusive luxury interiors.


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